Authentic Jewelry with a Purpose

A true artisan jeweler is one who values the beauty of the intricate details that create natural, authentic designs. From pearls, gemstones, to unique shapes and colors, each piece reflects its personal character, and inspires artisans to craft beautiful jewelry that transcends time and space.

ININY is a hand-crafted jewelry brand created by a US-based Thai artist, designer, and accredited gemologist duo. Founded in 2005 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we’re well-known by locals and have been featured in numerous publications, regularly celebrated by Johor’s esteemed communities.
Our reputation has become synonymous with elegance and authenticity, and is upheld by our expertise in gemstone identification, certification, and made-to-order personalized cutting techniques. Due to the high satisfaction of our local clientele, we have expanded to serve both individuals and corporations across Singapore, Australia, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.
During conceptualization, ININY was approached by Austria’s accomplished crystal manufacturer to become a trainer in jewelry hand-making and designing workshops in Singapore. Here, we educated clients on current trends and modern techniques, further growing the abilities and potential of artisans around the country. Since then, ININY has collaborated with various other local artists and trainers, mastering advanced techniques and furthering our knowledge of jewelry crafting. We utilize these experiences to empower our brand, bringing a fresh perspective and Asian-inspired style to our clients.
We are creatives at our core, and hope to evoke versatility, elegance, vibrance, and natural beauty into the lives of those we touch. We believe that valuable pieces should not be compromised by price or quality and combine our innate passions and experience in jewelry making to create cohesive pieces that women across the world can cherish forever. We value the beauty that traditional styles offer and infuse the essence of current trends and modern taste to create exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces. We are proudly recognized for our fine craftsmanship and hope to inspire more women around the world by providing them with a destination to authentic beauty.